Why King Tutankhamun Is So Well Known?

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In ancient civilizations, the rulers were the backbone that tried to hold everything together. The rulers had to make laws, lead the citizens, and maintain order. There are many other things they had to do, but those are just three of the main ones. In most civilizations these rulers were called kings, but in Ancient Egypt the kings, or rulers, were also called pharaohs. One of these pharaohs was a boy that went by the name of King Tutankhamun, or King Tut for short. This young king is perhaps one of the best known pharaohs of this time period. In order to find out why King Tutankhamun is so well known we can look at his early life, his time in power, and his death.
In 1341 B.C.E, Akhenaton and a woman who was believed to be Nefertiti, received a bundle of joy in the form of a baby boy named Tutankhaten (King Tut Biography). Although very little is known about his childhood, Tut was believed to have lived a pretty normal early life (King Tut | Tutankhamun 's Life) He was believed to have enjoyed simple things like playing board games and going hunting (King Tut | Tutankhamun 's Life). Like other kids his age, he probably also spent a lot of time studying (King Tut | Tutankhamun 's Life). All in all, he seemed to live the same life as any other kid his age. However; at this time in Egypt’s history, there was a tremendous amount of upheaval due to reforms Tutankhaten’s father was making (King Tut Biography). He had decided to take Egypt’s religion from being polytheistic, or…
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