Why Law Enforcement Is Important Essay

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This information is important because without cooperating law enforcement wouldn't be able to exist because cooperation is what builds up the team and the team helps to fight crimes that are committed. Police officers face challenges on a daily basis, but sometimes they have to face deadly challenges. Police officers are required to get 120 hours of training and the most specific required one is firearms shoot don't shoot scenarios use of force and legal training this requirement helps them prepare for any deadly movement, they might have to have while in duty but many officers finish without having to use deadly force (“Myths/Facts”). Dealing with pain is a part of their job with any worker working in law enforcement. It’s hard for them, but they love there job and stay committed to it. The world needs to thank them for their services because…show more content…
For example, here are some crimes people can commit, but never acknowledge they were crimes a person can be at their house and their sister has marijuana they know it’s wrong but because they care about her and they don't want her into any trouble they flush it down the toilet. That person just committed a crime this crime is called the construction of justice this crime can be preceded and committed by their actions or words. Lying to someone is a crime this one can get anyone because many people lie a lot in life today. people know for a fact lying is wrong, but people don't take it seriously because they do it on a daily basis but when it has to do with a officer society knows not to lie because people know they can get into trouble. Another example is a person is very tired of work and wants to stay at home and sleep with that person then calls their boss and tells them that they are sick and can’t make it but they know they are lying. They have just committed the crime called schemes or artifice to fraud
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