Why Law Enforcement Is Important? Essay

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By 1631 a group of men was organized to conduct patrols throughout the night in the colony of Boston. During the nightly patrols, the men were intending to provide safety and security to the community by maintaining order, raising the alarm for hazardous fires, and apprehending those guilty of criminal activities (Hess, Orthmann, & Cho, 2014). These men formed the earliest known policing organization in America’s thirteen original colonies, a foundation for modern policing in the United States. Today, law enforcement officers strive to protect and serve a community through monitoring and responding to criminal activities; conducting both motorized and foot patrols to deter crime; issuing tickets; responding to emergency calls; investigating crimes that have occurred and arresting those who are reasonably suspected of a crime; and testify in court as needed. Law enforcement is undoubtedly a unique profession. Like few other occupations, law enforcement is a profession with a culture of its own developed through socialization exclusive to its members only. Socialization can be used to describe the social interaction and the adaption of a new culture that occurs from the moment a recruit begins training at the Police Academy that is carried on through that individual’s career within law enforcement. Police culture characteristics include the shared beliefs, customs, ways of life, particular ways of thinking, and standards that govern behavior that exists in a police

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