Why Law Enforcement Should Be Legal Essay

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Police militarization is one of the most controversial topics when we speak of local law enforcement. Protestors from around the country have produced a tremendous amount of false information about the militarization of law enforcement officers. Whether the information is in a newspaper from a journalist, or just on the Internet in forms of blogs and forums, the information being provided does not contain the complete true. Secondly, among the public individuals who are against police militarization we also have senators who are criticizing law enforcement for many reasons. However, there are many reasons and benefits as to why our law enforcement should be militarized.

Misinformed public opinion of police militarization is due to the fact of false facts brought to us in the forms of opinion pieces in newspapers, blogs, and forums. Some of these sources are claiming that there is a “war on terror” that has come home and it’s wreaking havoc on innocent American lives. The culprit is the militarization of the police.”(Kane, 2014) These claims of military weapons that are being used in wars over seas and are now being used for our local police departments are true, but the way that they are being portrayed is unrealistic. The reason the weapons are coming from the military is not to try and escalate police force; they are being used to be on the same level as the criminals. Criminal all around the world are accessing military weapons and if police officers, who
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