Why Leaders Are Not Born? What Is Problematic For You Personally?

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outcomes. What has worked? What is problematic for you personally?
As I am paving my career path for a higher responsibility in the future, I have come to a realization that a higher education is the key to a better tomorrow. I believe that leaders are not born, they are made. Leaders are those that truly understand themselves and understand the various elements of human nature. Communication is the most telling trait of an effective leader; if a leader can empower followers to clearly understand the message, production and success are the result. I learned that by taking this course on higher education this will develop and mold me with the critical and analytical skills that will enable me to compete with other healthcare professionals.

Personally, I had a challenge in figuring out what my capstone project would be. I have to find means and ways to invent questions on how to prepare future nurses in an effective and safe environment and at the same time practicing evidence base practices. To be an effective leader I must think of ways to reincorporate future problems that nurses needed to train on. Leaders motivate their followers to set high, attainable standards that result in successful product outcomes. In education we have higher roles to fulfill that require people with leadership skills. These roles must be filled with competent, confident people that understand true effectiveness of being a leader, not just a warm body filling a higher position.

What have…
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