Why Learning Theories And Learning Styles Is Important For Your Career

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Why having an understanding of learning theories and learning styles is important for your career in nursing?

In this essay, I will start by discussing the four main aspects of learning theories and how having an understanding of these will help me in my nursing career. I will also be identifying my own strongest and weakest learning style and how having an understanding of this will enhance my practice as a learning disability nurse.
In my understanding, a learning style is your own way of learning, and who you are a as a learner. These learning styles suggest that individuals have many different types of ways to learn which can therefore be categorised according to their own style of learning. According to Sternberg (1994), a learning style is someone’s preferred way of using their own ability within their learning. However, learning styles are not fixed for an individual, you are able to adapt these learning styles and extend them to your own ability and understanding (Reid 1987; Oxford 2011).
A learning theory is what type of individual learner you are, and how you retrieve and process information. This can be adapted to suit your own preferences as a learner. It is important for me as a student learning disability nurse to be able to understand these theories and learning styles as it will benefit me throughout my career, ensuring that the care I provide is beneficial to all service users and influential to other health care professionals.
In this section I will be…
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