Why Liberal Arts Education Matter?

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Why Liberal Arts Education Matter? There is a phenomenon that the number of liberal arts college is declining, which means we are losing liberal arts education. Recently, more and more students focus on scores and getting a degree instead of improving themselves comprehensiveness. Many students think the college degree is more important than knowledge and skills, that’s why they ignore the study of liberal arts. Like Tony Woodcock (2015) said: “the Liberal Arts are considered an irrelevance”. However, liberal arts plays vital roles in our life, and students who didn’t accept liberal arts education may have trouble in their future development. Under the circumstances, there are questions should be considered: Is it really true…show more content…
The existence of liberal arts education makes a significant contribution to the whole society. According to the “Why a Liberal Arts Education Matters”(2012), liberal arts colleges’ purposes are to “mold students into well-rounded, well-informed global citizens with a wide skill set”. People need to be resilient in order to “invent creative solutions” and liberal arts education can help them about that. Liberal arts education help young people build exploring spirit and learn invaluable skills to make life interesting and worthwhile. The gifts liberal arts education offer students include abilities, skills, confidence, attitude, spirits and so on, which can contribute to their whole life. The development of society depends on a new generation who accepted liberal arts education. Therefore, a liberal arts education plays an important role in society, so government and people should place considerable value on it.
What Abilities that Students can Get From Liberal Arts Education? A liberal arts education not only teach students general knowledge but also provide people with an invaluable set of abilities, such as leadership. Leadership includes the ability to think for yourself, the skill to communicate effectively, the capacity for lifelong learning, which is related closely to liberal arts education. Patrick Awuah (2007) states that “I wish there was a liberal arts college in every African country, I think it would make
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