Why Libraries And Art Museums Serve The World

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It means knowing exactly what your institution stands for, how we want to distinguish who we are, how do we want to deliver the very best kind of result, cost effectively to the constituents that we serve. In that sense, competitiveness is really important. It advances distinctiveness, when it is done well, in its control. Finally, I think all of us have a responsibility, and especially you guys, for thoughtful advocacy for the core value of what our institutions represent. Why do libraries and art museums serve the world in fundamentally important ways? In much the same way one might argue why liberal education and the humanities are important. There are core skills that we all know, that those experiences in libraries, art museums, and so forth, help students to develop and that contribute to the world in deep and meaningful ways. Foundational skills of, visual analysis, written communication, and all of those things that go into being a thoughtful being that can make good decisions. Rational approaches to reasoning. All of those things, education helps us to advance and whatever one goes on to do when they graduate. Those skills will serve them well, there is no question. Advancing critical literacy skills, how does one engage with ways of knowing? How does one begin to understand bodies of knowledge and the vocabulary’s that are behind them? That is something that we help them to do, and once you learn how to do that and understand that it is a skillset,
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