Why Lovers Could Never Be Friends

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Are friends capable of being lovers and still have stable friendships? Are people able to be lovers and then able to be friends? Will their relationship be efficient or will it dissolve? This is the great controversial question; can people be both friends and lovers. There are some who believe in friends with benefits, who have a sexual relationship and are still able to hold a stable friendship. There are people that believe there is no such thing as love or friendship, it’s merely just a chemical attraction. As well as people who believe friendship should be left for friends and love should be left for marriage. Through this essay I will discuss those who believe lovers are able to be friends, those that do not, and where I stand on the issue. I will start this essay with the arguments circling around lover’s ability to be friends. Through the next set of arguments, I will discuss theories revolving around why lovers could never be friends, or it the two concepts exist at all. The first stance against lover’s ability to be friend, comes from an Aristotelian point of view. Love and friendship do exist, but there are different kinds of love, related to different kinds of people. There is the love of lovers, love of friends, but they cannot be unified. “While friends stand shoulder to shoulder, facing and engaging with the world together, lovers stand face to face, engaging only with that world which is contained in the eyes of the beloved.” (J.K) Another thought of

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