Why Lowering The Drinking Age Is A Good Idea?. Lowering

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Why Lowering the Drinking Age is a Good Idea? Lowering the drinking age to 18 in the United States has been a source of controversy in recent years. It has been a controversial topic because many people disagree, while many agree with the topic. For example, the people who disagree and are against lowering the drinking age to 18 believe we should not lower the drinking age because 18 year old individuals are not responsible enough to drink alcohol. While, the people who agree we should lower the drinking age, believe we should let 18 year old individuals drink responsibly because at age 18 you are considered responsible enough to smoke, join the army, be a legal guardian, buy a rifle, and vote. In my opinion, I believe the legal drinking…show more content…
Binge drinking is known as the consumption excessive amounts of alcohol in short period of time. Therefore, we should lower the drinking age to 18 because instead of helping our youth, we are criminalizing our youth. For example, according to the article “Is Lowering the Drinking Age a Good Idea?” the author Jessica Pauline Ogilvie states, “When you prohibit drinking legally, it gets pushed further underground and into places that are out of adult control”(Ogilvie). The author follows up on her statement by also stating, “Places like fraternity houses are examples of places that promote drinking games and the rapid, excessive consumption of alcohol, which can have dangerous consequences for people, like alcohol poisoning”(Ogilvie). The author explains in these two quotes the effects of prohibiting drinking, which pushes drinking further underground and provides a perfect example of an underground place where there is binge drinking. Another example from the article is where the author states, “Underage drinking is not all fun and games, there is kids who consume excessive amounts of alcohol to the point it causes alcohol poisoning, and then there is those who underestimate the dangers of getting behind the wheel”(Ogilvie). In this quote, the author explains how underage drinking can have really bad consequences. Based on what author Jessica

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