Why MIS is Important to Business Students

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Business processes are becoming more complex, intricate and integrated outside the four walls of an enterprise. This alone is reason for business students to seek out as much information and knowledge as they can about MIS. Add in the fact that value chains are changing incredibly fast as many industries go through massive disruption, and the need for information systems becomes even more acute (Kroenke, 2013).
Why Business Studies Need To Place A High Priority on MIS
In the next ten years many industries will be unrecognizable compared to how they appear today. This is going to be driven by information technologies completely redefining their value chains, forcing an acceleration of supply chain integration, partner relationships and the need for creating a more agile demand management systems and strategies (Kroenke, 2013). The MIS terms, concepts, frameworks and advanced programming and system architecture knowledge today will be the foundation of future growth of entire enterprise business models in the future. If one considers the myriad of business models in existence today and how they have rapidly progressed over just the last ten years, it is clear that MIS concepts,…
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