Why Management Is An Effective Manager Essay

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In order to be an effective manager, managers must do two important things well, these two things are: managers must achieve their organization 's targets and goals, and second manager must make the best possible use of all the resources that they have at their disposal. To start, we need to recognize that management is not an easy role to perform and it is vital to an organization 's success. Since the early 1980s, management has sometimes had a bad image; managers can be described as controlling, lacking in creativity and task oriented. On the other hand, leaders are seen as inspiring, path breaking, and people oriented. We need to change this image of management by recognizing how it first came out. During 1970’s when the Japanese started becoming successful, there was a great desire to replace managers with leaders. In the past, people talked about management styles that made managers people oriented versus task oriented. But now, leadership has been handed a “good guy” style and management has been deemed as more of a bad guy role. This being said because leaders are more directed toward people and managers are more directed towards tasks. Management needs to be restored back to its rightful place alongside leadership as a key driver to organizational success. Management can be defined as: achieving goals in a way that makes best use of all resources. Management is not only limited to the job title of a manager, because employees are also in control of managing
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