Why Managers Must Be Capable Stewards Of Human Resource Issues

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Summary and Conclusion
Managers must be capable stewards of human resource issues.
Human resources provides method of improving employee contribution to the organization. Current human resource issues have often already been recognized and addressed in some manner in the past. This provides a rich source of data to learn lessons and model best practices.
Managers must utilize human resource expertise in order to model and build an organization on a firm foundation of public trust, ethicality, and professionalism.

Ethics Management
Human resource professionals should:
Model exemplary moral leadership to top officials
Adopt organizational credo that promotes aspirational values
Develop and enforce a code of ethics
Conduct ethics audits

Thought point: Should ethics audits be announced? Should ethics audits be annually, as needed or continuous? Finally, Managers must utilize human resource expertise to develop organizations of integrity and develop widely–communicated organizational core values. Managers in a public sector environment must not succumb to pressures that would compromise core values and ethical principles. Managers must also remain “change managers” so they are able to capably effect any needed reform within their organizations while mitigating any possibility of losing their capability to lead their organizations.


Summary and Conclusion
Workplace laws reflect a balance between three competing objectives:
Managerial efficiency
The current trend is most…

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