Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

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Since marijuana is discovered, it has been used as drug. Because it considers as a type of cannabis, marijuana is a banned drug. Many of study and research about marijuana show that it effects on human health such as; irritated lung, shadow brain and dizziness, that is why marijuana has been banned for around seventy five years. Under the Federal Law, having possession of marijuana is illegal and criminal. Marijuana has been an illegal in the United States since 1937. The federal court has tried to restrict marijuana such as regulate for medical use only. Why marijuana should be decriminalized? Nowadays, many people believe that marijuana is safe drug; it does not give the user much side effect like other hard drug such as; cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and so on. Marijuana should be legalizing because marijuana would benefited to the social such as reduce crime, and improvement the economy. What is marijuana actually? Marijuana is also known as cannabis plant which is discovered somewhere in Asia for thousands of years ago. Then it explores in Europe, and gets taken to the America in 1545. According to “Medical Marijuana 101” book shows that “Human has used marijuana therapeutically for thousands of years because the herb controls or alleviates a wide variety of medical symptoms…it’s produced and the politics, economics, and legality of marijuana” (Martin et al.). Marijuana was considered as useful crop in America back then. Back in the mid seventeenth and
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