Why Marissa Mayer 's Leadership Style Made Her A Successful Leader

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This essay demonstrates the characteristics of leadership and uses the structure provided by Darling and Leffel (2010) to determine the reason why Marissa Mayer’s leadership style made her a successful leader. Author has defined four leadership styles that make a leader as a perfect leader. Marissa Mayer has two of them leadership style that made her a successful leader, and how she effectively perform. Leaders consider the future of the organization, due to their sensitive approach to all situations. They gradually face new challenges, and identify and chase new opportunities through bold innovations.
Leadership is the ability to motivate or control others towards the goal of leader. It is an art of influencing and directing people in
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Their features are less assertive and less responsive, and they are usually careful leaders but less formal. These types of leaders normally discover their future in the engineering, accounting, finance, and law fields. Second, in the director leadership style, leaders are highly assertive and less emotionally reactive. They are normally self-governing and risk takers who are known for their skills. They are always on time and know how to use time effectively and efficiently. Directors keep their eyes on business results from start to finish because they want to achieve perfect results. Director styles of leaders are powerful leaders; These types of people usually find themselves in authority positions and essentially decision making places. The third leader style is creator, and these people are highly self-confident and emotionally reactive. They are risk takers; and this style of leader is not afraid to try something new. They think if they are in an imaginary world. The Creator’s capability is to attract the attention of others, and influence and motivate them with images of future optimism. Creators generally have careers in entertainment, design, marketing, and sales. Creators are extraordinary thinkers and generate innovative ideas. They maintain the ability of doing something new and different. The last leadership style is connector in this style of leadership the leader is less

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