Why Marketers Must Stop Being Distracted

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First, marketers must stop being distracted. Perhaps no industry has changed so dramatically over the past 10 years as Marketing. The media landscape has grown exponentially at the exact same time consumer expectations and empowerment has exploded. The marketer’s daily ‘To Do’ list has become increasingly cluttered and complex. In a spirit of self-preservation, marketing departments have sought out time saving solutions, and media publishers and media buying agencies have been quick to provide them. The outcome is a multi-billion dollar industry dedicated to paid mass media solutions that place greater emphasis on efficiency than effectiveness. Case in point… If you study where brands’ ad dollars are actually being deployed, it appears to be shockingly little accountability or sufficient rationale for the excessive expenditures in particular channels. E-marketer’s study of ad spending by medium between 2010-2014 reveals a significant jumps in Magazine and Newspaper spending. Yet, another e-Marketing study reveals consumer engagement with magazines and newspaper is at all time lows. PEW Research reveals that, “The consumer magazine industry experience another difficult year in 2014. Overall magazine circulation (including single-copy sales and subscriptions) for the seventh year in a row. Things were particularly bad for newsstand sales, with fell 14%.” Why do marketers seem content paying more for a medium that is delivering less than ever before? It’s because media

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