Why Marketers Use Marketing Research

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4a. Define, then compare the different types of research approaches for gathering primary data. Experiment research- for gathering causal information. Experimental research tries to explain cause-and-effect relationships. Experiment research associates with choosing matched groups of subjects, giving them different treatments, controlling unrelated factors, and checking for differences in group responses. Observation research- Gathers primary data by observing ongoing behavior and situations. Observation research can reveal information that people are unwilling or unable to provide in surveys or experiments. Survey research- is the approach best suited for gathering descriptive information. If a company wants to know about people 's…show more content…
They also open the eyes of their consumers to new behavior and ways of living. A consumer’s family is the closest and the most important consumer group in society. Marketers are curious about the roles and the influence of each family member. For instance they are interested in the male and female purchasing roles, as well children influence on purchasing. Within groups a person’s position is characterized by both role and status. A role is the activities and duties that are expected to be performed from a person and a status is the ranking of a person in that. Products are usually chosen based off of roles and status. 5b. Identify product characteristics that influence the rate of adoption. Explain how each characteristic affects the rate of adoption. There are five product characteristics that are important to influence the rate of adoption. Relative Advantage is a product’s degree of superiority and allurement to customers over similar products that have been already out. The greater the relative advantage is perceived the sooner the product will be adopted. Compatibility refers to the degree of compatibility that an innovation has with individuals. To which the innovation fits the value and experiences potential customers. The higher the compatibility the quicker it will lead to adoption. Complexity refers to the degree to where change is difficult to understand or
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