Why Marriage Equality Is Not At All A Harm Society Or The World

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As a child growing up in the world, there is very little to worry about. In the beginning that is; but, as a child grows into an adult, issues in the world become more knowledgeable to that child. In my own life, the one issue that stuck with me is marriage equality. I believe everyone should have the right to marry whoever they feel their soul-mate is in the world. Even though some believe it is wrong, there are many reasons to prove marriage equality is not at all a harm to society or the world. To start, the definition of marriage (according to dictionary.com) is the state, condition, or relationship of being married; wedlock. No where in that definition does it say between a man and a woman. Times have changed over the decades. Some would say that change is not always a positive change in the world; some would say some changes may have had a negative effect on our society. For example, some people who have become president in different countries have brought destruction and chaos to it, but not all change is negative. Remember when women could not vote, when they were forced to feel as if their place was the home. How about when African Americans had no place at all in our society except as slaves? When women became pregnant, and they were not married, they had to be sent away for an abortion or till they gave birth, never to really have respect again. When countries that were once our enemies are now our allies. We never would have thought that all these issues would

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