Why Mathematics Is Important For Teaching Mathematics

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“Mathematics” is a polarizing word for many people and very often it evokes numerous personal reactions, commonly an anxiety reaction. Surprisingly, I am not speaking here only about students, but more importantly about the people who teach mathematics. As the study done by Alan B. Bates, Nancy I. Latham, and Jin-ah Kim indicated, many teachers have fears about teaching mathematics and how teachers’ fears influence students, their learning outcomes, and how mathematics has impacted them in their years of teaching. These finding are also relevant to how I felt about teaching math due to lack confidence in my teaching abilities of mathematical content knowledge. However, as I am reflecting on this past semester that I spent learning about math trajectories as well as math content knowledge, I feel much more confident in exposing my students to math. I think that mathematics is not an easy concept to teach and it requires good strategies to be a successful teacher, but if we do not try to teach it, we will never gain confidence in it. As I was developing my learning segment, I was truly terrified, even though I have been exposing my students to age appropriate math content for years. This was my first math task that I was going to be provided a feedback and I think that is was I feared the most. My biggest fear was to hear that I failed my students and that my teaching was not effective. However, I am aware that only reflective teaching can help me grow as an educator. As I
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