Why Mcdonalds Taste So Good

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In the report “Why Mcdonald’s Fries Taste so Good” authored by Eric Schlosser, his overall thesis was to inform his audience that the majority of the food that Americans (and other countries globally) are accustomed to consuming e.g., from fast food restaurants, household food items, and desserts have their own flavor additives that are produced at flavor industries with the sole purpose of mixing chemicals to create particular smells that ultimately influence a unique taste. Schlosser means to enlighten his audience in order to reveal how the components in the food that is eaten on a day-to-day basis are being chemically generated and how. His thesis was effective in the sense that he used an unbiased tone throughout the report to provide…show more content…
He began by giving background information on the products that Mcdonald’s originally used to fry their fries “seven percent cottonseed oil and ninety three percent beef tallow” (Para 3) but the company was criticised for the amount of cholesterol that was in their fries thus causing them to fry them in vegetable oil. Because frying their product changed the flavor, the company turned toward flavor industries to bring back their original flavor. The author uses the information that he gathered by touring the Flavors and Fragrances plant and documenting his experience of learning how certain chemicals are mixed to produce a certain smell/taste that is appealing to consumers “German scientist discovered methyl accident while mixing chemicals in his laboratory..suddenly the lab was filled with the sweet smell of grapes”(Para 17). From that point forward, food companies turned to flavor additive plants in order to have their products more appealing to
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