Why Me?

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Inequity based on age is rather widespread on our planet today. Some people have a tendency to base their actions and decisions based on a person’s age, whether they are young or old. This discrimination, called ageism, is stereotyping against individuals based on age. It surfaces in many ways, from unspoken assumptions to cruel accusations; overlooking the employer’s skills and experience. Age stereotyping remains a serious problem in our society, particularly in the workplace. To help decrease this discrimination, individuals should be more understanding of each other and fully understand each other’s environments. Age discrimination affects elders from finding jobs because of their age. According to AARP, a nonprofit…show more content…
The ADEA permits a person who believes they have experienced age discrimination to file a complaint against the employer, employment agency, union, or government agency within one-hundred and eighty days of the discriminatory action or when he/she first notices it (50+ Workers). The government agency that is responsible for investigating the charge, determining if the charge is valid or not, and seeking a solution is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The second federal act passed was the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act of 1990. This protects against employers from denying benefits from older employees, such as insurance, pensions, disability benefits, and retirement benefits (Your Rights). This means that the employer must provide equal benefits for both old and young workers (Your Rights). However, an employer may reduce an employee’s benefits based on his or her age if the cost of the benefit increases with the age of the employee as long as the cost of the benefits provided to the older worker is not less than that for a younger worker. This is called the equal benefit rule. Employers, in order to prevent age discrimination, should make policies to make age-neutral decisions. The decisions should be based on the individual’s ability and skills rather than age (50+ Workers). Employers should keep an eye on discrimination and make sure not to prefer certain employees over others (Dealing with Discrimination). They
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