Why Men Choose Different Childcare Sectors

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4.0 Methodology 4.1 Principles This small scale research project aimed to consider and highlight why men choose different childcare sectors, in addition gathered the views of female practitioners on this question. The underlying principle for this research originated from the extensive research carried out prior and during this process, and the interest into this subject area from first hand experiences which resulted in the literature review and the rationale behind the research project. 4.2 Paradigms and Research Methods Research paradigms (interpretive, positive and post-positive) are processes to follow when gathering information about a subject area, to then answer the hypothesis (Punch, 2009; Cohen, Manion and Morrison, 2011), this study used the interpretive paradigm due to the social constructivism of people’s perceptions within the subject area and the outcome of the qualitative research methods and literature, triangulated to produce the following findings discussed later in the study (Merriam, 2009; Roberts-Holmes,2014). Therefore due to the social, personal and language related research required (Cottrell, 2014), a qualitative method of research was elected, as the quantitative method would have produced irrelevant and non-opinionated views (Denscombe, 2014; Hoepfl, 1997), although potentially any form of research method can cause limitations during research (Trafimow, 2014). Consequently the qualitative sample within the interpretive paradigm produced
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