Why Military Boot Camp is Tough

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Have you ever experienced one of the hardest and most challenging things on the planet earth? Boot camp, also known as basic training, is one of the toughest programs you may go through. It requires a lot of physical and mental preparation and strength. Depending on which branch of the military you go into, there are different requirements and needs but one is just as challenging as the other. The length of boot camp is about three to four months long depending on the branch you go into. Boot camp is very mentally and physically challenging but prepares you for your duties in the United States Military. According to Petty Officer Charles Colemer, the first known program similar to boot camp was back in ancient Greece to help train…show more content…
You must pass the ASVAB test and the physical in order to be able to go to boot camp. In the United States Military, there are four major branches the army, navy, air force and the marines (Todaysmilitary.com table 1). Each of them specialize in different aspects of the military. The army is mainly the front lines, the navy mainly deals with the seas, the air force deals mainly with flying, and the marines are a mix of the army, navy, and air force. The Army boot camp is about 10 weeks long depending on if you make it through it all. If you are accepted by the army then you will be sent to one of four places, Fort Benning in Georgia, Fort Jackson in South Carolina, Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, Fort Knox in Kentucky or Fort Sill in Oklahoma depending on what job you will have (Todaysmilitary.com table 1 and Military.com par 13). The physical requirements that you need to pass are a timed two-mile run, two minutes of sit-ups and two minutes of push-ups (table 1). Once you have done the requirements then you have officially started boot camp. On the website Military.com it gives you an overview of what you can expect in army boot camp. The first week of army boot camp is known as “zero week”. Zero week is your reception. Here you will say goodbye to your friends and family, get your haircut and begin getting ready to get physically fit (par 2). Next is week one, the first true week of boot camp. During week one, you learn rules,
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