Why Minority Candidates Are Deprived Of Campaign Funding Essay

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There are three areas of scholarship to evaluate for understanding whether minority candidates are deprived of campaign funding support from various entities relative to the majority, white candidates. The first aspect to understand is how campaign-funding support influences electoral outcomes. The second is an evaluation of influences on minority candidates’ campaigns. The last area of review is to look at the state of the literature in relation to how minority candidates are supported by campaign contributions from individuals, political parties, and traditional PACs. After examining the literature campaign funding, minority politics, and minority campaign funding support then a series of expectations are proposed.
Candidate-centered campaigns need financial support in order to win elections, the current state of campaign funding largely looks at campaign contributor motives, which is a component part to understanding funding disparities. Individuals support ideological candidates through donations (Barber 2014; La Raja and Schaffner 2015), and large funding backers, mainly interest groups, contribute financial support to incumbent candidates to gain access to decision-making (Fouirnaies and Hall 2014). Political parties seek to support their party’s candidate, while Super PACs financially support ideological candidates in competitive elections (Miller and Dowling 2012; La Raja and Schaffner 2015; Desmarais, La Raja, Kowal 2015). The motives for financially backing a
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