Why Mongol Empire Is So Amazing?

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What shaped our picture of the Medieval Mongols is that for most of us they were only one of the nomad tribes, which inhabited the Asian Steppes. By that time nomads were not barbarians; they were born into a harsh climate forcing them to be cruel by our standing in order to survive. Being constantly occupied with survival, they had no time to learn a more sophisticated way of life, as the sedentary peoples of China and Iran had. Nomads were not mentally inferior, but specialists in survival against severe odds. However, the Mongolians remained like that until unification under Genghis Khan, did they become the Mongol nation. They had their own culture and their own tribal laws. It was frequently necessary to engage in internecine wars, which were usually not unprovoked. The strongest chief got the best grasslands, and it was often necessary to obtain and keep them by force. Following their customs more often than not resulted in conflict with other tribes.

Why Mongol Empire is so astonishing? There is only one reason; if Genghis khan did not find Mongol empire, we believed that nomads of Mongolian Steppe would not have survived to see this day. Maybe would have ended up fighting in tribal wars among each other and also grasped by Chinese. Mongol Empire started from nothing to become the greatest empire to emerge in history. Genghis khan made the many things modern. He advanced diplomatic relations, International relations and religious tolerance. He created middle age
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