Why Monitor And Evaluate Citizen Engagement

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Why Monitor and Evaluate Citizen Engagement?
Monitoring and evaluating citizen engagement is important for a number of interrelated reasons. It can help:
• Improve program implementation and management.
• Verify and strengthen accountability structures.
• Serve as a mechanism of quality control and help keep the program within the scope of a project or decision statement.
• Ensure that money and resources are being used appropriately and efficiently.
• Determine whether the engagement program is adhering to, and meeting the intentions of, citizen engagement objectives and values, as well as relevant laws, rules, and mandates.
• Ensure that engagement programs have fair and appropriate representation and that participants understand how their contributions will be used.
• Increase the perceived legitimacy and importance of citizen engagement.
• Improve the study and practice of citizen engagement.

What are the General Challenges of Monitoring and Evaluating Citizen Engagement ?
Despite its importance, monitoring and evaluating citizen engagement can be challenging for a number of reasons:
1. Citizen engagement is an inherently complex and value laden concept. There are no widely held criteria for judging the success and failure of citizen engagement efforts, and evaluating across possible areas of interest is impractical.
2. Citizen engagement designers and managers must consider conducting two types of evaluations, including (1) process evaluations, which examine…
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