Why Montresor killed Fortunato

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Eduardo Urdaneta

Montresor and Fortunato are best friends who also work together. Montresor has been traveling a lot lately due to his recent promotion in his position. He has just received a notice from his boss that he must go attend several conferences in Spain for a month. Upon receiving the undesirable news, Montresor’s wife, Chardonnay gets very upset but eventually acknowledges that traveling this much is essential to the new position that he holds now. Montresor knows that these four weeks will be hard for his wife, so he asks Fortunato if he could look after her while he is away. Fortunato agrees to check in on her from time to time. Montresor appreciates Fortunato’s kindness and feels comfortable to leave knowing that his
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The phone rings endlessly and it is like waiting for a drop of rain in a long drought. When he doesn’t answer, he becomes even more concerned. He decides to take a quick trip back home and surprise Chardonnay. As he arrives home, the glimpse of his house and the light shining in the bedroom is like a beacon of hope for him, and the excitement builds up inside him, yet he feels nervous at the same time. Walking to the front door, he notices Forunato’s deep red merlot car parked in his driveway. He wonders what he could be doing here so late at night. “Chardonnay I’m home!” His voice echoes through the empty first floor. He walks through the dark foyer and into the living room where he notices the empty wine bottle on the table in front of the couch. He’s suspicious because it’s red wine and Chardonnay only drinks white. As he is going up the spiral stairs, he notices a familiar jacket hanging on the coat rack next to the door. Frustrated and confused, Montresor flees his home like a gazelle running away from a lion and returns to Spain. The next day he calls Chardonnay and asks her how her day was yesterday. She complains how she was feeling sick and stayed home all day. He tells her that he will be home in time so he can take her to the festival next week and he hopes that she will feel better by
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