Why Motorola Is A Global Communications Leader That Is Divided Into Six Business Units

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Section 1: Situation Identification Motorola is a global communications leader that is divided into six business units: semiconductor products sector (SPS), broadband communications sector (BCS), integrated electronic systems sector (IESS), commercial, government and industrial solutions sector (CGISS), global telecom solutions sector (GTS), and the personal communications sector (PCS). Motorola was formed in the late 1920’s by two brothers; Paul and Joseph Galvin, since that time the company has undergone numerous changes. Today they are located in about 70 countries and are still one of the top electronic manufacturers. Motorola actively uses contingent workers as part of their workforce; this is very common practice even when the…show more content…
Tim McLaughlin would control the program that was aimed at the non-professional manufacturing workers, and Callie Rich would manage the daily operations. The Office of Contingent Workforce Management is a business webbing (b-web) solution for managing contingent workforce through an outsourcing strategy. According to Tapscott et al. (2000), a business web (b-web) is “a distinct system of suppliers, distributors, commerce service providers, infrastructure providers, and customers that use the Internet for their primary business communications and transactions.” (Tapscott et al., 2000). The goals of the new contingent staffing model at were: to recruit high professional candidates that passed the special uniform test; and to maintain the flexibility of the staff; that means that the number and quality of the staff must answer the present needs of the company in the staff; to develop an infrastructure to manage contingent workers and control costs of their employment in the company (Beaulieu, 2000). You have to make sure your employees are providing strategic value. Strategic value refers to employee potential to improve company effectiveness and efficiency (Noe, 2013). There were some challenges with the contingent staffing model that was created, the first was associated with cycles of business activity of the company and the industry, the second challenge was the high

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