Why Multinational Corporations Are Beneficial For Developing Countries

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Identify the positive and negative impacts of multinational companies on less developed countries.

The appearance of multinational corporations as a global power and the implications of setting up them in less developed countries was strongly supported by the new rules of world which called economic liberalism and globalization. They became a national phenomenon a post-world war II and widespread when the United States enacted the structure of world regulation for political, economic and military (Solomon, 1978). There has been a very controversial debate around the impact of multinational corporations on less developed countries, which have many supporters as well as opponents. This essay will attempt to prove to what extent multinational corporations are beneficial for developing countries. To begin with, this essay will review what are multinational corporations and their purposes. Then, the pluses of MNCS on LDCs when it comes to increasing investment, transferring skills and technology and employment. After that will show some minuses of MNCS on LDCs regarding to repatriating profit, threatening on local industry and political situation. Eventually, it will summarise this essay and present the writer opinion.

As mentioned above, this paragraph will present five different names for multinational corporations and several definitions of them. In addition to some objectives and opportunities of them. Firstly, the MNCs refers to multinational companies and the…
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