Why Muscles Don T Break Analysis

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The article Why Muscles Don’t Break: New Research Offers Possibilities for MD Therapies explains in-depth the functions of the muscles in the human body. Throughout the article the author, Joana Fernandes, presents the extensive amount of research that she has performed regarding this insightful topic. She cites a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, called “α-Actinin/titin interaction: A Dynamic and Mechanically Stable Cluster of Bonds in the Muscle Z-disk”. Essentially, the study explains that the reason muscles don’t break is due to the two binding proteins called a-actinin and titin. Fernandes utilizes evidence from the study to formulate her article and describe how these two proteins work together in unison to withstand a force of up to five piconewtons, “The experiment showed the bond between these two proteins is able to withstand a force of five piconewtons, a small force comparable to nearly one billionth the weight of a bar of chocolate” (Fernandes). As the article progresses, Fernandes analyzes how such small forces hold a muscle together for a lifetime and explains to the reader that this is possible because there is seven times more strands of a-actinin than titin. Undoubtedly, this article is pertinent to science because it contributes to the development of muscles in…show more content…
While this is a compelling topic I was curious to learn the scientific details behind this relatively new concept. Moreover, I was intrigued when I read that this discovery is an advancement in medicine, because it can lead to new ways in therapy. As a former soccer player I understand how important this discovery is to sports medicine as well. If research continues to prosper in this field like it has done, I believe that the future of the medical field is bright and this is all due to discoveries in science like this
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