Why Muslims Have Used Amulets At Time And Don 't?

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Many Muslims have used amulets at time and don’t even realize it. In order to fully understand what is considered an amulet we must first understand what it is and see how Muslims have used them in the past. We must also be able to see several examples from our beloved Prophet showing us that amulets are forbidden. Finally, we need to know authentic ways of seeking protecting. We need to be mindful of even the smallest things that may be considered as an amulet.
“The word "amulet" comes from the Latin word amulētum; meaning "an object that protects a person from trouble.” An amulet is a small object that someone carries, wears, or offers to a deity because they believe that it will bestow protection on them. In ancient times and during the Middle Ages, many Muslims believed in the healing and protective power of amulets. Before they knew, even some of the sahabah have used amulets. For example, a group came to the Messenger of Allah to pledge their allegiance to him. He accepted the allegiance of nine of them. They said, “O Messenger of Allah, you accepted the allegiance of nine but not of this one.” The Prophet said, “He is wearing an amulet.” The man put his hand in his shirt and took it off, then the Prophet accepted his allegiance, saying, ‘Whoever wears an amulet has committed shirk.” (Ahmad)
We have several other reports from the Prophet

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