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Why NYU? Two summers ago, I designed and executed my own experiments focused on cell adhesion and its implications in the metastasis of cancer. When I fixed my cells for the first time in the Dictyostelium Discoideum lab, I was scared. I was even more scared when I told my mentor I bleached my cells with the spinning disk confocal microscope. However, it was through the endless trials and errors that I discovered a love for biology and seeking answers to the unknown. Through the College of Arts and Science at NYU, I hope to pursue a Global Public Health/Science major concentrated in Genetics and Genomics. This past summer, I participated in the Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science Program (MITES) at MIT, and I had the…show more content…
As a dynamic learner, I would love to travel and get a taste of the NYU cosmopolitan experience elsewhere. In a setting such as Abu Dhabi, I would take advantage of the world-class research university with its over six-hundred courses, while also enjoying events such as the Pink Run and the Abu Dhabi Festival. All in all, NYU will provide me with a worthwhile college experience, prompting personal and intellectual growth as I delve into the realm of STEM and engage with a global, interconnected community of scholars. What factors influenced your decision to apply to Barnard College and why do you think the College would be a good match for you? (100-250 words) “There’s nothing a Barnard woman can’t do.” I hear microaggressions more often than I should. Constant reminders of my ‘responsibilities’ as a woman drive me insane, as it is implied that I should relinquish my aspirations of being a women in STEM to assume my ‘role.’ Alongside Barnard, I hope to transcend stereotypes and be surrounded by a community that sees my gender as a form of empowerment rather than a hindrance to my goals. I wish to be a part of Barnard’s long tradition of perceptive women to increase my independence, confidence, and resourcefulness in the classroom. I refuse to be silenced, as I hope to accomplish what’s deemed impossible. I hope to merge my interests in biology and biomedical engineering to propel

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