Why Nail Biting Is Bad But Just Can Not Stop?

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Have you ever had a habit that you know is bad but just cannot stop? Did this habit start because of anxiety, or did you learn it from your parents? Do you do it when you are bored? Chronic nail biting, also called onychophagia, affects “28% to 33% of children aged 7-10 years old, 44% of adolescents, 19% to 29% of young adults, and 5% of older adults” (Ginesi). Due to anxiety or boredom, people of every age are affected by nail biting which leads to many effects such as damage to nails and teeth, embarrassment, and the spread of illnesses.
One of the main causes of nail biting is anxiety which is why nail biting is often referred to as a “nervous habit” (Woods et al. 200). It has been found that those who bite their nails most often are adolescents, more specifically boys who are going through puberty (Ginesi). These young males are going through periods of stress and hormone changes, and as a way to deal with the changes in their lives, they turn to nail biting. Something about the habit of biting ones finger nails is calming and helps people deal with the stress they face. While the habit is most common in boys, people of both genders are affected by the habit. In the case study conducted by Woods et al., it was found that children engaged in nail biting while they were doing math, taking tests, or thinking hard (202). These activities are known for being stressful and causing anxiety, and nail biting helps those children relieve the stress. Once nail biting has been
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