Why Native Born Or Second Generations?

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Introduction Immigrants have been portrayed as deviant people who cause crime throughout the United States The media has even stigmatized immigrants as being a problem within American society. History shows the type of attention given to illegal immigrants from the Zoot Suit riots in the 1940’s to the minute men project today. Specifically looking at American society most citizens believes the myth that immigrants cause crime or display deviant behavior. This research will show that it is the native born people rather than the immigrants that have a higher chance of criminal activity. The research will also analyze crime statistics to further dispel the Myth of immigration. To answer the question of why native born or second…show more content…
It is crucial to understand aspects of these immigrants and their children as they become a greater presents in the American society. Literature Review Immigrants come to the United States for an endless amount of reason; it can be anything from a war in the immigrant’s home nation to just trying to find a better economic status. In the research done there is a strong correlation between deviant behavior amongst second generation immigrant children and the push factors that drove their parents to the United States. People who come to the United States from poverty or hostility in their own countries are more susceptible to having children that will display deviant behavior. Thus it is not the immigrants themselves that cause crime or display deviant behavior. It is the their native born children and the future generations that are more susceptible to crime or deviant behavior. This has to do with the fact that these immigrants did not have a choice to move, rather the choice was made for them by situations arising in their own county. One example can be seen in Long Beach California with the Cambodian population. Many Cambodian people were forced to move to the United States because of the Cambodian Civil War in the nineteen seventies. These people had a lack of money, family, resources and education leaving them with limited options in the United States. People who emigrated from Cambodia into Long Beach
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