Why Natural Gas Is Better Than Coal?

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Natural gas is better than coal From past to now, people use a lot of different ways for cooking. Coal is the material which play a really important role in people’s cooking ways’ history. However, people in these day use another material instead of that--natural gas. Natural gas is a new efficiency energy and it will release a lot of energy when people use that. However, natural gas still have some similarities with coal. Both of coal and natural gas is changed from animals and plant relic. Their relic are buried on deep soil and because of one million’s change, the relic is changed to natural gas and coal. Most of the natural gas is changed from animals relic and coal is form plants. When people burning and using them, they will release heat and energy for people to use, meanwhile, they will release some harmful thing to the air and it will cause air pollution. Whereas, coal is unfriendly environment thing but people use that on…show more content…
So when people use that for cooking, it is not only protect environment, also it is efficiency and save energy. For instance, some researchers made a experiment to observe coal and natural gas’s efficiency. There are two kettles and researchers use coal and natural gas for releasing heat and energy, so they can measure how much time they should cost for boiling a kettle water. Finally, the kettle witch use burning natural gas heat is quickly than the other one. So natural gas is better than coal. Nowadays, even though most of people use natural gas for cooking on city, there are a lot of poor and remote place can not use that for cooking. So government should spread natural gas out and lead every one can use that. Also, people should cherish natural gas because it is not renewable resources. If people do not do that, the environment will be harmed. I wish people can find anther more efficiency material for
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