Why Natural Law Theory Is an Inadequate Criticism of Homosexuality

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Albert Einstein one said, "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."(Quotations,162) There is some truth to what he said in relation to Natural Law Theory. It would seem that Natural Law is based at least in part on common sense. This essay will attempt to discredit the Theory of Natural Law on these grounds, as well as proving that it is inapplicable when judging the ethical value of homosexuality, and discrediting homosexuality as a "perversion." Act utilitarianism depicts the argument more clearly, because there are certain semantic inconsistencies with Kantian ethical Theory that will be discussed further on.

Let us first consider the premise that homosexuality is contrary to Natural Law, because the
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Viagra) or building alliances are against Natural Law Theory. We must also question whether irrational species are ever capable of doing that which is unnatural, as they are guided by instinct rather than coherent thought. If we expand this into the human sphere, it is then clear that only humans are capable of unnatural activity. Given our ability to choose and our similarity to these species, humanity can only have one of the following two potential characteristics: humans are either naturally inclined to homosexuality, or they are unnatural.

Because humans are rational (and because of which, perhaps unnatural) and can therefore choose among alternatives, we may say that humanity is naturally inclined towards homosexuality. However, ethics is concerned with right and wrong, not with what is. Act utilitarianism can clearly explain homosexuality as a general practice. Surely heterosexuals enjoy being heterosexuals. There is no reason for a woman to say, I love men, but I wish I loved women," for that would mean that she is either considering women in the light of an intimate relationship and/or sex (and is perhaps considering bisexuality), or she is recalling characteristics that have nothing to do with either (i.e. "women are more organized") and will hence have nothing to do with her sexual orientation. It is likewise for homosexuals, with one exception. The

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