Why Nike Is Wrong

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Famous names we hear everyday, sponsor popular brands that we wear everyday. Nike is a very common brand with products being sold at this very moment. What people do not see as they wear the “swoosh” is what work goes on behind the scenes to create it. Lebron James is a sponsor who has a lifetime deal with the company worth over $1 billion (“LeBron James' business partner confirms lifetime deal with Nike is worth over $1 billion” Knowlton). This is an insane amount of money especially when there are Nike employees getting paid $3.50 a day, which can amount to $21 a week (“Nike in Indonesia – employing more than a hundred thousand workers” Sicat). How could someone like Lebron be accepting one BILLION dollars from a company, who chooses to…show more content…
No one can truly understand how poor the quality of life for factory workers really is unless you live through it. A former Nike factory worker came out and shared her stories of the abuse she went through while working. Noi Supalai spoke before a crowd at an event hosted by Penn State chapter of the United States Against Sweatshops. This is an organization which is running a campaign called “Just Do The Right Thing” for workers’ rights. She said that there were harsh time constraints set for the products to be produced. When they did not meet the deadline, Nike put a fine on the factory restricting workers to receive their pay. Employees did not get paid for two months until they protested. (“Former Nike factory worker shares story of abusive working conditions” Lee) There have been others reports just like this one from The Daily Collegian such as one from Nike’s converse shoe factory supervisors have been revealed to be physically and mentally abusing workers. “Supervisors frequently throw shoes at them, slap them in the face, kick them and call them dogs and pigs.” (“Nike workers kicked, slapped and verbally abused at factories making converse” Daily Mail Reporter). Nike claims there is little they can do to stop such problems. Workers get kicked, and feel powerless, “our only choice is to stay and suffer, or speak out and be fired” says a woman from a plant in Sukabumi. The behind the scenes treatment is unimaginably brutal. It is so hard to think of the workers having things thrown at them, being kicked, scratched, slapped, growled at, forced to stand in the sun, disrespecting religions, and many many more abusive actions done to them as we make our purchases. Why would Lebron James sponsor such a company? Why would anyone sit back and get paid more than anyone could ever need for doing nothing when there are others out there getting paid barely anything for working their tails
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