Why Not Go To College Essay

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College is not an Option for Many Low-Income Students
As students are a step away from going to college, they are frightful of their path after high school. Once students know their college choices, they are faced with making one final choice of where to attend. Usually, a student’s college decision is made by considering the distance from his/her home as well as if their parents will be able to afford the expenses that their college asks for. Colleges, though, look into the distance from home, SAT score, high school GPA, parents income, parents education, ethnicity, and gender in order for a student to be accepted into their college. All of these factors are important, but the one that tends to have a heavier weight in a student's college
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Research shows that students that come from high income are the ones who are more likely to get a degree. For instance, “about 55% of the bachelor’s degrees awarded in the U.S. went to students from top-quartile families with 2010 income above $98,875; 9.4% of those degrees went to students with family income below $33,000”(Fisher). Those students that fall into the 9.4% may be the ones that get out loans in order to pay for their expenses and that get extreme financial help in order to strive for their bachelor's degree. Others, though, worry about not being able to repay for those loans which leads them to believe in not being able to attend college overall. A 2014 White House report titled “Increasing Opportunity for Low-Income Students” states: ‘While half of all people from high-income families have a bachelor’s degree by age 25, just 1 in 10 people from low-income families do’”(Levvy). This once again signals the difficulty a student who comes from low income might find in order to obtain a degree which is why they don't even come to apply or attend a
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