Why Nursing Is A Great Career Choice

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Why nursing is a great career choice As a college student awaiting to graduate and start my career, the nursing field I find is one of the best career choices to choose from. Nursing is known to be a main consideration to young people today when entering the medical field. Nursing has a wide variety of options and different positions for anyone. Nursing is sometimes looked at as an unimportant job, or just a person who helps the doctors above them. In fact nursing has an abundance of definitions and different job titles. RNs, LPNs, etc. Some may say and ask, why enter nursing? What can it do for me and others? Nursing is just a woman’s job, and other things in that sort. With nursing being a wide selected job profession. It’s always around and always a good opportunity for work. Also nursing is a target profession not just for the salary pay but also for people’s personal reasons, and understanding. After college I plan on attending a job into the medical field. It’s always been a personal passion for me to help others, and with nursing being a caring, and nurturing type of profession that enables a person to unlimited amount of possibilities, and benefits, it’s a great career choice for anyone both men and woman who are dedicated to helping and caring for the well-being and health of others. Nursing has always been around. In the 19th century, women were the primary caretakers. Written in a blog online called “The Evolution of nursing “by Doris Weatherford, who Is an
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