Why Nursing is Best for Me

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According to Christine Belle “Our job as nurses is to cushion the sorrow and celebrate the job every day, while we are ‘just doing our jobs.’ ”. My goal is to become one of those nurses. I have thought long and hard, and have taken into consideration many other careers, but I feel nursing is what I was born to do and that it is the right career path for me. There may be a lot of college and challenges ahead of me, but in the end all the hard work will pay off. Although many people think nursing is dirty, difficult, and disheartening, I believe it is the best for me because I enjoyed health as a child, the outlook for nursing is good, and I have some experience in the healthcare field already. Television fuled the fire of my desire to be a nurse. About when I was ten, my attention was captured by hospital shows on Dicovery Health channel. Soon, I was running around the house with a toy stethoscope around my neck, using stuffed animals as patients. However, the spark that started that fire was ignited when I got a set of toy doctor instraments for my fourth birthday. When I learned how to play doctor, I fell in love with the game and always wanted to play it. I know I do not want to spend many many years in college to become a doctor, so a nurse, who gets just as close to the patients physically and emotionally as a doctor, was the right possition for me. Penny Lloyd, a registured nurse, states in her Yahoo Voices article, “All in all I can say that nursing has given me
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