Why Obamacare Failed Analysis

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Do you care for Obamacare? “Obamacare Failed” according the Chicago Tribune editorial board on September 9, 2016, in “Why Obamacare Failed.” This piece tells the readers about the negative consequences of Obamacare. The board explains, in detail, how Obamacare affected and will affect the people of Chicago and the country as a whole. The board tries to impress the idea that there needs to be a change.. Through the board’s reasoning and number of facts, the editors are able to effectively show that Obamacare failed. The first strategy that the editorial board uses is to list logical reasons why Obamacare failed. They start by saying, “Plans could cost an average of 43 percent to 55 percent more.” Because individual plans are already expensive, this number starts to raise some flags with most people, if not all. The board…show more content…
As an illustration, the writers explain how insurance is based on risk pools, and in their own words say, “The lucky subsidize the unlucky.” They further explain that the unlucky who have vexatious health problems benefit much more than those who remain healthy. The board shares: “Obamacare’s rules hamstring insurers. They can’t exclude people for pre-existing conditions, and can’t charge older customers more than three times as much as the young.” As a consumer this may sound great, but to the insurer, this is deadly. To offset the influx of older customers requiring expensive care, the insurers raise the rates for young customers, making them pay higher premiums that do not justify their claims. The board continues by saying, “Obamacare allowed Americans to sign up after they got sick and needed help paying all those medical bills.” To the company this is no way to make money, so many insurers are backing out, skewing the market. When the arguments are put together, they build upon one another further proving the case why Obamacare has
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