Why Organ Donation Should Be Encouraged

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Daelyn Sagert
September 12, 2017
Comp. 1 4th hour
Exemplification Essay
Why Organ Donation Should Be Encouraged Organ donation is always a hard decision to make before you pass away, and for your loved ones to make after you have passed away. People often misinterpret how organ donation works. In order for someone to want to be an organ donor they have to be able to understand all the facts about it. Not all people realize how important being an organ donor is. Three steps that everyone should go through before you decide where you stand on organ donation are understanding the facts from myths, understand the process of organ donation, and read at least one story of how organ donation has changed someone’s life. (Organ Donation Myths, Ten Facts, Twenty-Five Years After, Understanding The Donation Process)
When you first arrive at the hospital, sick or injured, physicians and nurse’s number one priority is to save your life, or bring you back to life if you are unresponsive. (10 Facts)
There are many myths that have been made up about organ donation over the years. The most common myth of organ donation is that if you have a medical condition, you can’t be a donor. The fact is that no matter who you are, regardless of your age or medical history can sign up to be an organ donor. Many people also believe that they are too old to be an organ donor, but the truth is that organ donation is not limited to any age of people. Religious people often believe that their religion doesn’t support organ donation, but most of the major religions (in the U.S.) support it and often think of donation as a final act of love and generosity towards other people. Often people will think that if they are in a hospital or an ambulance, the medical professionals won’t try to save their life. This is the farthest thing from the truth, if you are sick or injured and taken to a hospital, the only priority the medical professionals have is to save your life. Another myth that people often worry about is that if they donate their eyes, organs, and tissues; then their family cannot have an open casket funeral. In the majority of cases however, having an open casket funeral is possible. (Organ Donation Myths) Organ donation is a very

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