Why Organic Farming Is America 's Leading Source Of Food Production Essay

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The food industry allows consumers to choose from a wide variety of products. However, most food corporations fail to tell the story behind their food. Is this secrecy due to their methods in creating their products? Conventional farming is America’s leading source of food production. Yet, the controversial practices used in conventional farming, may lead American’s to question if this is the only farming source that can feed our nation. Since 1972, organic farming has been creeping up the success ladder and demonstrating the methods involved can withstand the food demands of our nation. With the rising popularity of organic farming, U.S. citizens now have the option to purchase wholesome food. Consumers curious about purchasing organic goods should be aware of the notable differences between organic and conventional practices. The significant differences between organic and conventional farming include; animal welfare, health, and environmental. With the given information, consumers will be able to make informed decisions about their food purchases.
The value of animal welfare is one of the significant reasons why organic farming is different from conventional farming. According to the USDA, the organic livestock requirements state that all livestock must be given year-round access to the outdoors, unless specific conditions occur. Livestock raised on organic farms should have room for exercise, clean drinking water, direct sunlight, fresh dry bedding, shelter and shade

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