Why Our Bodies Need Vitamins Essay

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Some say that they are healthy. Some say they are in great shape and great health, possibly the best of their lives. Others say their health is not so great. What do you think separates these two groups of people apart in their health lives? Could vitamins have anything to do with it, or are they over-rated? Vitamins aren't only for “health nuts”. It's a fact that they are essential for life. By definition, vitamins are “organic compounds the body needs to maintain health and function” (Merritt). The definition clearly states that vitamins are a must in our daily diets. In general, what might happen if people do not take in the right amounts of vitamins? There are four stages of deficiency. The first one is “Preliminary”, which means…show more content…
We need vitamin A to maintain good vision, help keep our immune system functioning right, and for cellular communication. It also supports cell growth and differentiation. This helps your vital organs such as your heart, lungs, and kidneys have a “normal shape and good maintenance”. Two of the most important forms of vitamin A are retinol and carotenoids. You can get your daily dosage of vitamin A by eating foods such as dairy products, fish, and any kind of meat (liver is the best source) (Merritt). You shouldn't take too much, though. The recommended daily amounts vary by age. The RDA (recommended daily amount) says 0-6 month olds should take in 400 mcg (m and f), 7-12 month olds should take in 500 mcg (m and f), 1-3 year olds should take in 300 mcg (m and f), 4-8 year olds should take in 400 mcg (m and f), 9-13 years old should take in 600 mcg (m and f), 14 year olds and over should take in 900 mcg (m) and 700 mcg (f) (Merritt). Deficiency is big in developing countries. In premature infants, deficiency is rare. Infants get their amounts of vitamin A from their mother's breast milk. If the mother is deficient in vitamin A, then the baby will be, too. In young children, deficiency usually increases after they stop breast feeding
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