Why Parents Should Be Rigid And Open System

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1 People do not exist in a vacuum but among other people, whom together they unite to form family which is the basic unit of the society. People behavior differs that ranges from individual to community level. But in the same time causes of the behavior are different this is due to some level of interaction in the family comes across. Interaction occurs at different factors such as stable but open system which creates limit and when threatened the stability is in danger that why parents are expected to behave in manner not to affect their children so that stability is maintained at the same time the family should not be rigid and should be on the move to change, consequently predict what might come outside their family surroundings. This is reflected in both family in that the Angelino family is seen as stable unit with its own limit such as the family has children and properties and also they run their butcher shop this showing how stable and open system is a strength to the family another point is that the Angelino family comes large family where they enjoy a wider cooperation and they value education hence taking their children to school at parochial school.in another hand the Mr. and mrs mc Neil family comes from a wealthy family they enjoy high education and they also have few children as compared to Angelinos the mc Neil’s family look social and able to have fun with friends.The characteristic in the family include property which can be in terms of land,
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