Why Parents Should Choose Home School Essay

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When adults think about educating their children, they often forget the option of home school. The idea of home schooling started many years ago. For many people this was the only option, because either public schools lacked or the schools were too far away for them to attend. Today, there are children being home schooled by their mothers and fathers. Some of the main reasons parents find from home schooling are: the children often become more independent and more responsible with their behavior, the peer pressure is reduced, vacations and trips can be planned, families can spend more time together, and there is usually less stress because the children don't have to rush out of the house every morning. These reasons and many more, are…show more content…
Many children that are home schooled today have formed their own social activities. When being homeschooled, you don’t interact with others as much as you would if you attended a public school. Homeschooling does allow you to socialize with the family but not with other friends. Homeschooled children would not be able to participate in the activities they enjoy such as choir, band, athletics, etc. Children can have these types of classes at home, but you wouldn’t be able to socialize with another. Bullying has been increasing in most public schools. Bullying is one-on-one bullying that may take place either in person or online, as well as being physical bullied or emotional bullied. Children in public schools go through this as least once during any of their school years. Children get hurt and scared when bullying starts to take place. Many students have experienced bullying at least once in their lifetime. This is a great reason why homeschooling a child is a great decision. It reduces the amount of peer pressure and stress. Children being homeschooled are with their parents and fill safe throughout the whole day with nothing to worry about. It has been said that public schools are going downhill because of all the violence and bullying that is going around. Parents wouldn’t have to worry about these kinds of problems because they know that their child is in their own hands every day. Although homeschooled children have more time to spend with their
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