Why Parents Should Give Paternity Leave

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Many people say that there is no greater love felt, then when one has a child. When a child is born, the parents experience many unexplainably strong emotions. The parents have endured nine months of preparing and anxious anticipation for the child. Now the child has come, and the parents get to enjoy their new life with the baby. However, the mother of most families will get to experience much more time with the newborn, than the father. Companies should give paternity leave because it affects the well being of the mother, father, and newborn. Mother of a newborn has many responsibilities, she has to take care of the newborn, do household chores, take care of other children—If there are any, and let her body heal. She has just gone through child birth and there are often times health issues afterwards. Her body has just endured a huge physical strain and now it will take time to heal. Specifically, a body will take a much longer time to heal after a caesarean birth than a normal birth. Everyday tasks will be more difficult and then she will also have the demanding responsibility of a newborn. With paternity leave, the father will be able to be there for the mother, taking some of the responsibility off of her.
Paternity leave can strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. With the father being home during the most difficult weeks, it forces the parents to split the responsibility. The parents then become a tag-team on the new challenges that face them. The

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