Why Parents Should Not Parents

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Whether or not parents should vaccinate their children has been something many parents have had to contemplate since the creation of the first vaccine in 1796. There is the constant battle of whether they should protect their kids against diseases or refrain from pricking them with a multitude of vaccines that could contain ingredients that go against their beliefs. Some vaccines contain ingredients such as aborted fetal tissue or animal residue which many parents think is unethical to inject into their children. In most states schools require children to receive certain vaccines before they can attend school. This is a national requirement so states can alter it to how they want to interpret it. Because of this, there are many ways to get around actually getting them. All fifty states allow schools to accept exemptions for the crucial vaccines that students are “required” to get. It started off with religious exemptions but now you can get an exemption for just about any reason. Today, there are medical, religious, philosophical, conscientious and personal belief exemptions (“State Law and Vaccine Requirements”). As a result of exemptions many children are not receiving essential vaccines, allowing for many horrible diseases to return. By not vaccinating their children and then sending them off to school with many other children, these parents are putting other children in danger. “Most states mandate that children get 29 doses of nine vaccines to attend
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