Why Paul Is Considered Second to Jesus in Christianity - New Testament

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REL 201 – Intro to the New Testament
Essay 4

Explain why Paul is often considered second only to Jesus in his contribution to Christianity.

To understand Paul and why he is regarded so high as to be put only second to Jesus is bewildering to some. We must first though understand Pauls’ background and his overall divine message he is trying to portray to understand why he is regarded as he is. Paul, whom was born in Cilicia, was named also Saul which means “asked for”. He was brought up from a fairly rich Jewish family. Which if you were a foreigner in Roman lands it was a requirement to be wealthy. Paul had to start learning the scriptures at the age of five and had to take full obligation of the law at thirteen. I
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Paul is revered as a great Christian thinker, but in his text he never seems to stray to far away from his Jewish decent. He always stressed the common relationship between Judaism and the new religion. He believes Christianity is revealed through Jesus’ ministry, but is defined by the Hebrew bible. He continuously throughout his writings uses scriptures from the Hebrew bible to validate something in his particular Gospel. Before his call from Jesus’ Paul was a member of the Pharisee party, he obeyed the Torah everyway possible. He was so zealous in his obedience and to prove his loyalty to Pharisaic Judaism he even persecuted those who believed that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. It is hard to comprehend how a person so zealous against Jesus and his disciples can turn around and be that zealous for Jesus another moment after receiving a message. It is documented so that he was in fact just as zealous before Jesus appeared to him as he was afterwards. Paul claimed that he was Gods’ instrument in which he was to carry out his divine will. He indeed did a great service, for he successfully implanted the religion in non-Jewish territories and established the first churches of Europe. In conclusion I believe you can basically break down Pauls’ life into two Pauls’. The first Paul is the Paul that was a zealous Pharisee who brutally maltreated the first Christians and their beliefs. Compared to the second Paul whom received
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