Why People Ate Now-A-Days Research Paper

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Why do people get so offended now-a-days? I swear sometimes all you got to do is breathe and Carol is over here wanting to speak to your manager about the way you convert oxygen to carbon dioxide, and how it’s disrespectful to plants. But, of course the amount of breaths she’s taking whiling complaining is alright. People now get offended over the smallest things that really shouldn’t have a significance in their life or doesn’t concern other people.
Remember the Starbuck’s cup incidence? Where so many people got offended over a design of a coffee cup. Starbuck unveiled the design which looks slightly different than years past, which have featured snowflakes and other wintery icons. This absence of holiday symbols is, of course, making people FURIOUS. Some people taking it as if it satanic or whatever when it’s just a color. Because we all know that color is the best way to judge or come up with conclusions about people. For example, if a girl wears pink she’s pregnant, not only that but with a girl, but if it turns out being a boy, the baby is gay.
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You know who they are it’s a part of their introduction or the only part of it. It’s like “Hi, I’m vegan.” And you stand there thinking whether their name is Vegan, or they are telling you their chosen life style about the food they consume; not knowing whether to tell them you could careless or it’s nice to meet them. But then your co-worker Steve is over here asking “Vegan” if they want to go to Vegan Hut. In other words, Pizza Hut. That’s when you know you can’t join them because when you ask for peperoni, they’ll look at you as if you are eating an unborn child, having no idea what “Vegan’s” real name is or if you should even bother to ask, considering that would be the last interaction you hope the three of you would
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